Lisbon, Portugal

While I was in Europe, I knew I had to stop by Lisbon. My father was born there, my grandparents moved back a couple years ago, and it is supposed to be beautiful. It was. I loved it, especially seeing my family and traveling the city of Lisbon basically by myself for a few days. The sun was hot, a solid 30C/90F with no clouds. I went to many places throughout the city like the monastery in Belém, the Castle of São Jorge, Cristo Rei and even a sightseeing boat cruise around the river.

My grandparents lived slightly outside the city, and I stayed with them in their apartment. I took the train into the city to the Cais do Sodre station in the city center, a short walk from the Praça Do Comercio. I am very happy I made this my last trip of my study abroad experience, especially because I got to see my grandparents that moved back to Lisbon 5 years ago. For anyone who wants the mediterranean vacation, Lisbon is definitely the place to visit.


One thought on “Lisbon, Portugal

  1. What a great opportunity to visit the birthplace of your dad’s family and to visit with your grandparents ! How many countries did you visit? This trip will be hard to top.
    Loved all your pictures. Thanks for sharing.


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